Terms of use

Information supplied by VDOS Stochastics, S.L. based on public data obtained directly from the Collective Investments Institutions Management Companies, the CNMV and own processes. This information must not be used for the purpose of carrying out transactions; the data supplied are informative and non-binding.
Neither financial nor investment data of a public user are being provided nor evaluated, and therefore the service does not involve recommendations on the most suitable product, nor any indication for the subscription, reimbursement, swap or transfer of shares.
The return on the Collective Investments Institutions cannot be established beforehand: therefore historic returns are for guidance only and do not estimate future returns. This information does not replace or modify that contained in information leaflets, reports or quarterly reports which shall always take precedence and that are available in this web, the address of the Management Company and in the registries of the CNMV, where they are recorded, or through its web cnmv.es.
VDOS Stochastics, S.L. is under no obligation or liability for any claim arising from a use of the information provided different to that presented above.